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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Grenwich and how does it relate to my ClearLoans account?

We are Grenwich, an Australian company that has taken over your loan account from your original lender - ClearLoans.

Your loan remains the same as it always has been and you do not need to do anything other than continue to make your monthly repayments as normal.

Your rights as a customer are unchanged and the terms and conditions of your loan also remain the same.

The only difference is that now your repayments come to Grenwich, and if you need help or support then we are here to assist you.

Can I change my regular payment date?

Yes you can, to change your payment date please follow the instructions on the contact page. 

How do I check the balance on my loan and get a copy of my statement?

You can see your balance and full loan statement online at anytime. To get the link for your online account please follow the instructions on the contact page. 

Can I pay my loan back early?

You can make early payments on your loan at any time. You can also clear your loan balance at anytime. Doing either of these things will reduce the total amount that you repay on your loan and save you money. To get the link for your online account please follow the instructions on the contact page. 

Can I borrow more money from you?

No you can't. We do not provide new loans and we do not increase your current loan. We can only help you with paying off your current loan.

What can I do if I am in Financial Hardship?

We take our responsibility to support customers in Financial Hardship very seriously and we are here to help. If your circumstances have changed and you need some extra support then please contact us and explain the situation we will then work with you to come to a suitable solution as quickly as possible. You can contact us here

How do I make a complaint?

We are sorry that you need to complain and we will work with you to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. To understand how we deal with complaints and to make your complaint please click here.

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